The way we see it, buildings aren’t just buildings anymore. They can change lives, improve wellbeing, uplift society and take care of our planet. If you aspire to make a positive change—get an Elephant.


An historical transformation

Three former water purification silos on Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam have been given a second life.

Start construction end 2022
Cinema – Offices – F&B – SPA – Event space – Public Spaces

The Silos were rewarded with a BREEAM outstanding sustainability score of 89,65%


Free as a bird

Elephant transformed the former Fluor office building in Haarlem into a unique residential building with over one hundred remarkable lofts that are free in form and function.

Construction 2021 – 2023


A building for many

Once the head office of the ING bank, now a residential tower: Elephant has turned city life inside out and changed the classic residential tower for good.

Build 2019 – 2021

Residential building of the year 2021 (Architectenweb)
Amsterdam Architecture Awards 2022 (Arcam)
Amsterdamse Nieuwbouwprijs 2022 (Muncipality of Amsterdam)

Urban planning. Elephant is working on a wide variety of area and restructuring developments based on a data-driven design philosophy. From the masterplan for the new Pier of Scheveningen to the inner city extension of the Stopera City Hall in Amsterdam.


Masterplan Pier Scheveningen, The Hague

This Dutch icon is ready for its expansion. It will raise the archetype of a pier to the next level. More information coming soon.

Hotel – Short stay – F&B – Public Spaces & much more


Area development Cadenza, Zoetermeer

Commissioned by Wibaut, 1828 Group, and J.P. van Eesteren, Elephant realized the design for the Cadenza 2 tender in Zoetermeer. The building consists of a social plinth, 100 youth homes and 125 apartments. The plan was rewarded with the maximum score for urban design, architecture and flexibility.


Area development Paasheuvelweg, Amsterdam

On behalf of Caransa Group, Elephant has developed the master plan for Amstel III in Amsterdam, with a mixed use of 45% housing, 45% offices and 10% plinth facilities. The plan is based on the urban development vision and preconditions of the municipality of Amsterdam. Completion is foreseen for mid 2024. More information coming soon.

Start construction end 2024
Mixed Use – Offices – Residential


A beacon in the surf

Pepper offers investors and residents the option to choose a larger balcony, bigger window or an extra window – all at fixed prices.

Construction 2021 – 2023


Work in nature

Elephant has designed a green paradise in the new Hyde Park district in Hoofddorp.



A building that keeps on growing

In collaboration with ARUP, Elephant designed a modular construction system that facilitates the development, working method, and business philosophy of Keizer Marine Engineering.

Offices – Factory

Cultural Heritage. Elephant has extensive experience in the redevelopment, transformation, renovation and sustainability of historic and monumental buildings.


School's out, residents in

The monument and former Luzac College on the Prinsengracht was transformed into three very sustainable and high-quality loft apartments in 2018.

Build 2018


From warehouse to office

Elephant transformed a former warehouse into an ideal office environment on the Nieuwevaart street in the historic centre of Amsterdam.

Partly build 2018


A vertical residential area

A different view on high rise buildings.

Residential – Student Housing

Parametric design. Our in-house scripted design tools guarantee a data-driven design process. Every design choice is directly linked to construction costs, revenues, BENG and other building performances. After the final design stage the parametric model will be converted into BIM.