At Elephant, engineering has a guiding role in our architecture. We work in a close team of proven experts in different fields of the construction industry. We take full responsibility for the design process.

Parametric design. Our in-house scripted design tools guarantees a data-driven design process. Every design choice is directly linked to construction costs, revenues, BENG and other building performances. After the final design stage the parametric model will be converted into BIM.

Core values. The digital era is gradually tearing apart the 20th-century modernist collusion of space, identity, and function. It sets the stage for freedom of use.

1 - Elephant enhances the quality of life. Our buildings are natural habitats supporting people's well-being.

2 - Elephant is rooted. Our buildings have a long-term vision on how they contribute to the social, economic and ecological value of their surroundings. In other words, they naturally fit in.

3 - Elephant reclaims nature. Our buildings are sustainable in both construction, material and use. Their DNA is to embrace the physics of nature and to minimize harm to our planet.

4 - Elephants are designed for change. Our buildings are self healing and stay adaptable over time. They anticipate developments in technology, use, and occupancy.

5 - Elephants are made to be loved. Our buildings are desirable and appealing. It’s their inside that counts and their outside that makes you care.